Modernizing Certech Registration, One of Canada’s Top Assurance Auditors

This case study showcases our pivotal role in ushering in a digital revitalization for Certech Registration. From revamping their website to supercharging their online visibility, we harnessed the might of modern web design, immersive content expansion, and a strategic blogging approach to fortify their SEO game, driving higher engagement and propelling them into a brighter digital tomorrow.
In today’s interconnected digital universe, optimizing and refining an existing online presence can catapult a business to new heights of success. When Certech Registration collaborated with us, they already had a digital footprint – a website that was marking its presence.
Our challenge was twofold: preserve the SEO foundations they had laid while enhancing it manifold. We revitalized their site with fresh content, captivating imagery, and broadened the scope of their existing pages. Further augmenting the user experience, we seamlessly integrated secure document links and ensured PDFs were readily accessible for users. Every change, every tweak, was made keeping in mind the objective of amplifying the site’s intuitiveness.

Certech's existing website left much to be desired

In an era where the digital realm is constantly evolving, merely having an online presence isn’t enough; it demands constant enhancement and adaptation. Certech Registration, while already indexed on the web, realized the need for an upgrade. While safeguarding their existing SEO accomplishments, our team embarked on a mission to not just maintain, but to supercharge their web presence. The website underwent a comprehensive overhaul, enriched with updated content, vivid imagery, and a more expansive treatment of their pre-existing pages. In addition, we incorporated secure links to essential documents and streamlined the process for PDF downloads, ensuring that users found the site more intuitive than ever before. Delve into this case study to discover the intricate layers of our collaborative effort, where Certech Registration’s digital presence was not just preserved, but was elevated to set industry benchmarks.

Firstly, Content Curation

Navigating the digital landscape with Certech Registration presented an exciting challenge: the art of content curation. Drawing primarily from their original site, we embarked on a meticulous process of content refinement. This meant editing and pruning outdated information while enhancing the remaining content with strategic SEO considerations.

Certech Registration's new website starting to take shape

Every piece of content was scrutinized, optimized, and then seamlessly woven into a modern, newly designed website framework. The end result was a harmonious blend of the familiar and the new, all tailored for optimal search visibility and user engagement.

Second, Building The Website

Crafting Certech Registration’s website was akin to constructing a digital masterpiece from the ground up. Every page was intricately designed, with sections meticulously planned to ensure an intuitive user journey. While the core foundation of SEO was infused into every layer, we curated entirely new content that resonated with their brand voice and ethos. The challenge was to integrate this fresh content with the essential elements from their old site, ensuring a seamless transition and familiarity for their returning users. From responsive design to multimedia integration, and from intuitive navigation to user-friendly interfaces, every detail typically associated with modern websites was implemented. The culmination of these efforts resulted in a cohesive, state-of-the-art digital platform, ready to serve and captivate its audience.

Lastly, Launching and Preserving SEO

The launch of Certech Registration’s revamped website wasn’t simply pressing a button. It was a culmination of diligent preparation, orchestrated through our detailed pre-launch and post-launch checklists. Every aspect, from functionality to user experience, underwent rigorous testing to ensure perfection upon going live. Post-launch, the true mettle of our SEO strategy shone. To safeguard the valuable SEO equity that Google had already recognized in the original site, we meticulously mapped and redirected old links to their new counterparts. This ensured that no hard-earned SEO momentum was lost, but rather, it was seamlessly transferred and enhanced, promising Certech Registration a robust and enduring digital presence.

Certech's existing SEO preserved and boosted


"Throughout the many years we have worked with Andrew Arkwell, we have never experienced anything but true professionalism. Andrew has a true passion for web development, social media, and content composition. In addition to his meticulous attention to detail, his pragmatic approach in identifying areas for improvement is outstanding, and his suggestions are practical and valuable. However, what really sets Andrew apart is his excellent communication skills. He can explain complex digital concepts in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that we understand the concepts and benefits of digital communication, and the steps needed to achieve an increased customer base. His approachable nature and willingness to answer questions helped to create a collaborative and positive experience."
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Brian Lane (Certech)
Andrew Arkwell

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