Many Government Grants Still Available

Get qualified and approved for government grants for your small business and receive marketing and web services entirely for free - many grants still available into 2025.

Are you looking for free government money to help assist your small business and help grow your revenue and brand? There are still many subsidies available, make sure to take advantage of all you can while they’re still available. We can help you get started.

Do I actually get free money?

Yes. The government of Canada has allocated over $4bil for the ‘Canadian Digital Adoption Program’ to assist small businesses adopt digital change and expand their business through digital upgrades and marketing campaigns

What’s the catch?

You need to pay for the services first, and then you get reimbursed after the project is complete. This usually means you are out of pocket 50% ($1200) for 60-90 days (while we complete the project) and then you are out of pocket the other 50% for a week or so after launch until you are reimbursed by the program directly.

Is Reimbursement Guaranteed?

Yes. Our number one priority is following guidelines set out by the program to ensure we are reimbursed in the end of the project.

What Is The Total Cost After Everything Is Done?

Exactly $0. No hidden fees, no application costs, and we work with you throughout the entire project, during reimbursement, and then post-launch and beyond to ensure your new website is ranking properly and funneling leads as intended.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us today or start your application process now. Get approved for government grants and start your journey towards digital expansion and revenue growth today.