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Explore the captivating digital success of Bay Point as we revolutionized their online presence through SEO-focused web design and development, custom branded content, and dynamic digital templating. We embarked on a transformative journey that encompassed every aspect of their digital landscape, from rebuilding their entire website and supercharging their SEO to building lead magnet funnels and rewriting website copy and integrating it throughout their highly competitive online presence. With custom content written to captivate audiences, cutting-edge templates designed to impress, and automated lead magnet funnels seamlessly integrated, the results and metrics below speak for themselves.
In the first phase of digital transformation, we encountered Bay Point Contracting’s outdated and underperforming website, plagued by antiquated pages, clumsy layouts, and abysmal SEO practices. The website suffered from the classic symptoms of a poor online presence – sluggish loading times, cumbersome navigation, and a lack of responsiveness. Recognizing the immense potential for improvement, our team set out to create a remarkable website that not only addressed these issues but also prioritized search engine optimization (SEO) to boost Bay Point Contracting’s visibility. With a focus on modern features and user-friendly design, we embarked on a journey to transform their online presence into a cutting-edge, high-performing platform.

Above: Bay Point's initial website needed much improvement

The process of rebuilding Bay Point Contracting’s website involved a comprehensive approach to address the multitude of issues plaguing their old online platform. Initially, we conducted a thorough assessment of the existing website, meticulously examining its outdated pages, poor layouts, and subpar SEO practices. This analysis provided invaluable insights into the specific pain points and areas requiring improvement. Our team then embarked on a journey to transform the website into a modern, user-friendly platform that prioritized search engine optimization.

First Things First — Rebuilding The Website

We began by designing a visually captivating and intuitive layout for the new website. With a focus on improving user experience, we carefully crafted clear menus and streamlined page layouts, ensuring ease of navigation and an aesthetically pleasing interface. Recognizing the growing importance of mobile devices, we also prioritized responsiveness, making certain that the website seamlessly adapted to various screen sizes and resolutions.
In addition to design enhancements, we undertook comprehensive speed optimization measures. The old website suffered from slow loading times, causing frustration and impeding user engagement. Through meticulous code optimization, image compression, and caching techniques, we significantly improved the website’s loading speed, providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience and thus greatly boosting overall SEO.

Above: Our brand new website saw an immediate spike in overall website traffic

Throughout the rebuilding process, we remained committed to maximizing search engine visibility. By incorporating modern SEO practices, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, and metadata optimization, we ensured that Bay Point Contracting’s website would rank higher in search engine results. This strategic focus on SEO helped drive organic traffic and increase the website’s online visibility, ultimately contributing to improved lead generation and business growth.

Ensuring Responsive SEO — Across All Platforms

The result of our efforts was a stunning transformation from an outdated, sluggish website to a cutting-edge, high-performing platform that loads fast and provides an intuitive experience across all devices. The rebuilt website not only showcased Bay Point Contracting’s services and offerings effectively but also provided visitors with a seamless, engaging experience that converts both organic leads and paid advertising visitors.

Launching Branded Lead Magnets and Mockups

Above: Lead magnet cover designed by Arkwell Agency, as well as 3D mock-up of the actual book

In addition to the website redevelopment, we implemented a highly effective lead generation strategy for Bay Point Contracting by creating a compelling lead magnet PDF. This strategically crafted PDF served as a powerful tool to drive visitors into their conversion funnel, collecting valuable email addresses and initiating an automated drip campaign. Our team went above and beyond by designing the cover of the lead magnet from scratch, ensuring it not only captured attention but also conveyed the essence of Bay Point Contracting’s brand. To further enhance digital promotion, we created an eye-catching 3D mock-up of the lead magnet cover, providing an engaging visual for marketing efforts. Through the implementation of this lead magnet, we maximized lead generation, nurturing prospects through targeted email campaigns and increasing the potential for conversions.

Above: Initial boost in SEO as soon as our website launches

Dynamic Project Templates — Showcase Consistently

As part of the comprehensive website rebuilding process for Bay Point Contracting, we implemented dynamic templates that revolutionized the way their projects were showcased. Through the use of a custom layout with templating capabilities, we harnessed the power of dynamic values to create visually stunning and highly engaging project pages. These dynamic templates allowed us to seamlessly integrate various elements such as gallery pictures and customer reviews, bringing their projects to life and providing visitors with an immersive experience. Moreover, we strategically integrated popups and compelling call-to-action (CTA) elements throughout the pages, guiding users towards desired actions and enhancing lead generation. By adopting this approach, we ensured that the website’s content remained fresh and relevant, continually attracting and captivating visitors with up-to-date information and enticing offers. The utilization of dynamic templates facilitates efficient content management while empowering Bay Point Contracting to effectively showcase their projects consistently, and engage their audience on a whole new level.

Above: Planning for custom templates and custom layouts for dynamic content


"This was our second project with Bay Point Contracting and we couldn't be happier. They were helpful and professional throughout the renovation and the completed work exceeded our expectations! We would definitely contact Paul again for any future home renovation projects."
Lisa Mazanik

Building A Lasting Presence

The overall click-through rates experienced a significant uptick, demonstrating the website’s improved navigation and enhanced call-to-action placement, as well as overall boosted SEO. This increase in clicks pointed towards a higher level of user engagement, as visitors actively sought out information and interacted with the various elements on the site. Perhaps one of the most encouraging outcomes was the rise in recurring visitors. The new website succeeded in captivating the interest of visitors, encouraging them to return and explore additional content. This steady growth in recurring visitors not only indicated a positive reception of the revamped website but also highlighted the successful implementation of captivating and relevant content strategies.

Above: Bay Point Contracting has developed a long-lasting highly rated footprint

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