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After receiving your eligibility submission, we will review your information and contact your business to discuss the grants. Our next steps are to get several documents from your business so that we can submit the official application with the Government of Canada on your behalf.

Yes! If you’d like us to apply immediately, you can send us (to info@arkwellagency.com) the following documents:

We will contact your business immediately to begin the process on our end, but the actual application process can take 3-4 weeks to move through. This delay is from the government-side as they check in on your business.

The government will check your documents, assess our digital implementation plan, and contact you personally to ensure the digital services we propose are fully covered under the grant. Once conditionally approved, we submit an invoice and proof of payment, and we are then reimbursed for the cost fully.

Yes! You will not pay for anything covered under the $2400 in digital services. We cover the cost of taxes, as the grant does not include and will not cover taxes. There is no overall cost to you, however, we must submit proof of payment before we are reimbursed, so you may be out of pocket for a day or two while they reimburse you. This payment must come directly from your business and cannot be covered by us.

After we submit a paid invoice and proof of payment, the government reimburses you for up to $2400 and sends it directly back to you.

You can spend the money on digital services such as a new website, website improvements, search engine optimization, marketing updates, e-commerce integration, and much more.